Juan Carlos Surace
he founded his own firm
Construction in 1996
in Favria, in the province
of Turin.

Since inception, JCS has grown to become an importantprofessional presence in the region. The company specilizes in multiple areas of the construction field, including residential and commercial construction, industrial and urban construction, and it has extensive experience with restoration and special projects.

Over the years, JCS grew from a small construction company to a fully-developped corporation by using an inovative approach that combines state-of-the-art technology and extesive expertise to promtly respond to any type of custmer request.

JCS team goes throgh constant training that allows the company to assist its clients in all phases of construction, including resolving ambiental concerns, ensuring building security and respecting the constructive procedure.

We’re confident that you will enjoy working with our team of experts that always thrives to bring the highest standards of quality in everything we do!

What we do for you

J.C.S. Costruzioni
J.C.S. Costruzioni
J.C.S. Costruzioni
J.C.S. Costruzioni